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the office_

Established 2009 in Stockholm.

Koistinen arkitektur is an internationally working small architecture and designstudio driven by Marko Koistinen.

The studio is recognized for its sensibility for materials, detailing and their joy for craftmanship in contemporary nordic architecture and design.

The office aims to work in the field of contemporary

experimental architecture and design with high usability values for our clients and partners.

We always aim to create longlasting environmentally friendly solutions and we strongly believe that architecture has an important relation to its context, its landscape and its environmental surroundings.

We think that best solutions are developed in a true close relationship with clients, developers, engineers and executed by skilled builders and craftsmen.

Marko Koistinen_

Marko finished international architectural studies from Copenhagen school of architecture and have experiences of the profession in both Sweden and abroad. He has previosly worked on several internationally recognized architectural offices based around Stockholm.


phone: 070 476 84 21

email: marko@karkitektur.se
orgnr: 870123-XXXX
adress: We are currently looking for a new officespace