the architect's hideout

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The architect's hideout

This  black house stands on a rocky hill in the woods overseeing lake Nyckelsjön in the heart of Södermanland. It's built on a foundation of 5 concrete walls standing on the bedrock. The project aims to explore the simple traditional building typologies located on the contryside of Sweden in this region; the barn, the cabin, the stable etc.
The plan of the house builds around a central double hight space, traditionally known as "storstugan" in Sweden.

This central space is surrounded with big sliding windows that lets you open the house completely to the elements. Additional ribbed external sliding gates lets you control the amount of sun entering the house and gives you an option for privacy from the surroundings. The project also aims to test the usability of different use of materials, mostly wooden combinations to create a coherent and interesting sequence of surfaces and spaces.

type: summerhouse
year: 2016-2017
size: 80m2
location: Gnesta, Sweden
client: own