the fisherman's hideout

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The fisherman's hideout

This wooden cabin is built with locally produced ecological materials. The project is located in Finland in the outskirts of the river Ii and on a remote island in the northern baltic sea. It's an offgrid solarpowered cabin that is heated with centrally placed woodburning stove.

The project is slow build with all bulding material being transfered by small fishingboats during summertime and by sledge during the winter when the sea and river freezes. The cabin stands on rows of casted concrete pillars to withstand the changing high and low waters throughout the season on the site.

Because of the short summer season upnorth and therefore the limited time of access the cabin is designed to be able to withstand long periods of "hibernation".

The inside of the cabin is a one big open room with 3 symmetrical double doors that open towards the river and sea. I
nside along the back wall there is an arranged rows of lights, switches and sockets for flexible furnishing and usability changes. One short end of the room contains the kitchen.

type: summerhouse
year: 2017- ongoing
size: 30m2
location: Ii, Finland
client: private